It’s her smile you notice first.

You’re strolling across the Pont des Arts bridge in Paris on a crisp, remove spring day when you see her standing by the railing, a timid smile on her lips, her hair swept in a stylish chignon. A scarf is draped effortlessly around her neck, as well as she’s holding a bouquet of violets by her side.


She pauses to take in the City of Light as well as the River Seine below, leaning against the railing with her hands tucked beneath her chin as well as staring off into the distance, her eyes faraway as well as dreamy.

Ah, you understand that look…the look of very first love, when the simple believed of your cherished awakens every cell in your body with a tingling that begins at your toes as well as works its method up with your spine.

A breeze turns toward you, bringing with it an intoxicating aroma of vanilla, rose, musk, black currant berries as well as violet.


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The woman breaks from her reverie, caught by your gaze, as well as smiles warmly. You return the feeling, knowingly, as you pass her along the bridge, recalling one more time, so many years ago, when you, too, stood in almost the exact same spot, basking all-too-briefly in the exact same glow with your American writer, so tall as well as beautiful, with his brown hair as well as hazel eyes.

Whatever occurred to him? sinä ihmettelet. Does he still believe of you, like you believe of him?

Almost across the bridge now, you close your eyes when once again as well as breath deeply, drawing in as much of the scent as you can, letting it sweep you up in its loving embrace.

Another happy woman on the Pont des Arts bridge in Paris, 2005

Tocca Violette Eau de Parfum, $68

The latest addition to the Tocca household of fragrances

Inspired, Tocca says, by a whirlwind romance one spring in the 1940s between a young soldier on leave as well as a young woman at the fragrance counter of Le Bon Marche in Paris. vibrant flowers bloom along the Champs-Elysees like very first like awakens the spirit.

The official top notes include Italian Bergamot, ginger oil, coriander (cilantro) seed oil; the middle notes, African violet, Bulgarian increased as well as Black Currants (a type of berry); as well as bottom notes, creamy cedarwood, cashmere musk as well as benzoin (a scent similar to vanilla)

Violette lingers on my skin longer than many of the Tocca scents I’ve tried. I get between 8-10 hours.

I believe it’s a bit more advanced than Tocca’s last addition, Graciella. While both seem extremely feminine to me, Graciella reminds me of a carefree, small-town teenager to Violette’s young lady in her 20s, experiencing life as well as like in the huge city.

If you like Tom Ford Violet Blonde, Marc Jacobs Daisy, Ralph Lauren romance or Prada Infusion d’Iris, you may likewise like Violette.

PRICE: $68 for a 1.7-fluid-ounce bottle
AVAILABILITY: offered now at Sephora stores as well as
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Because reading is FUN-damental

So, I was a bit late jumping on the e-reader bandwagon, however now I’m completely on board!

El Hub was wonderful sufficient to share his Kindle with me, so last week I borrowed it to checked out Bossypants, by Tina Fey, as well as it was so much fun!

I resisted ebooks since I didn’t believe I’d ever get beyond missing the feeling of having a genuine book in my hands. I just like the heft of a genuine book, the odor of the paper (yes, I’m one of those weirdos who sniffs books in the library!) as well as the noise of the pages turning… There’s just something authentic as well as considerable about genuine books, ya know?

Plus, I gaze at phones as well as computer screens all the time long, as well as I figured the last thing I’d want to do is gaze at yet one more radiant screen.

Turns out I was wrong.

I mean, I’ll always like printed books, of course, however ebooks are likewise quite cool.

And the Kindle Fire’s screen doesn’t bother me as long as I turn the brightness method down…

That bit finger swipe gesture to turn the pages? FUN! I can whip with the pages. Heck, I most likely checked out quicker on the Kindle than I can checked out a routine printed book, which is a extremely interesting prospect.


How do you feel about e-readers? have you provided ’em a try?

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