Blushing for the cam with Chanel Le blush Creme de Chanel cream blush in Destiny on my cheeks
KAREN: Oh great, all-seeing Magic 8-Ball, may I ask you a question?

MAGIC 8-BALL: Yes, definitely.


KAREN: Can you see my destiny?

MAGIC 8-BALL: You may rely on it.

KAREN: Do you see a new fantastic everyday cream blush in my future? Something that I can just blend with my fingers or any old brush I have on hand, and it’ll last at least six hours, maybe eight?


Kissat ja meikkipaita?

42 dollaria

Osta nyt

MAGIC 8-BALL: As I see it, yes.

KAREN: Is it from the new Chanel Le brush Creme de Chanel line that launched with the fall 2013 Superstition collection?

MAGIC 8-BALL: Without a doubt.

KAREN: If I were to wear it, might a stranger confuse me with an applicant for clown college? In other words, would my cheeks look like Bozo’s or Ronald McD’s?

MAGIC 8-BALL: very doubtful.

KAREN: will it look flawless and natural on bare skin or atop foundation and power?

MAGIC 8-BALL: It is certain.

KAREN: Do you foresee this blush highlighting my pores or emphasizing their size?

MAGIC 8-BALL: Don’t count on it.

KAREN: Interesting… would you say that it’s similar to the satiny, silky, long-wearing cream blush I’ve been obsessed with for a year, By Terry’s Ginger Glaze?

MAGIC 8-BALL: signs point to yes.

KAREN: Is it Chanel’s golden beige blush creme in Destiny?

MAGIC 8-BALL: It is decidedly so.

KAREN: SWEET! So…will I be wearing Destiny when I finally win the lottery?

MAGIC 8-BALL: better not tell you now.


Destiny Le blush Creme de Chanel, $38

What must you know about Chanel Le blush Creme de Chanel in Destiny?

It’s a $38 matte golden beige cream blush that dries to a powder finish.

It’s one of six cream blushes released for fall in the brand-spankin’ new Le blush Creme de Chanel cream blush Line.

Its silky smooth, satiny formula blends easily on bare skin, foundation and/or powder

It lasts 6-8 hours on my dry cheeks, but if you’re very oily, you may need an additional primer or powder blush to set it and get that kind of wear time.

It’s been easy to apply with a variety of brushes (natural and synthetic), and even fingers. It does fine with ’em all.

It’s incredibly easy to use, and effortlessly layers and blends, making it a great option for beginners and plain ol’ lazybones makeup lovers like myself.

It’s a best color for the workplace, casual dates, pretty much any time you want a natural cheek look.

Hinta: 38 dollaria
AVAILABILITY: New, and part of the Chanel permanent collection available now online and at Chanel counters
MAKEUP and appeal blog RATING: A- (it’s pricey, and you may need extra layers if you have oily skin)

And just like that — POOF! There goes Monday

I hope yours was fab. Tonight I plan to do a ton of laundry (it never ends) and enjoy a lot more house of Cards on Netflix.

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I love that show… It’s got so lots of good lines!

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