The five new nail polish shades from the Dolce & Gabbana love In Taormina collection, coming next month
The new Dolce & Gabbana love in Taormina collection colors were inspired by local flowers that grow in the Sicilian town of Taormina, and based on these nail polishes, there must be some bright flowers out there!

Kynnet tekevät kaltaisia ​​rosvoja 17-osaisen vapautumisen. There are five new shades, two new top coats (one matte and one shiny) and a base coat. The rest of the collection consists of repromoted pieces for nails, eyes, lips and cheeks.


Uusi rakkaus Taormina-kokoelmassa sisältää …

Nail Lacquers in true White 20 (repromote), Oleandro 98 (new), Ibisco 112 (new), Camelia 115 (new), Bouganville 119 (new), fire 125 (repromote) and Iris 169 (new), $24 each

High Shine Nail Coat (uusi), 24 dollaria

Matte Nail Coat (uusi), 24 dollaria

Suojakannan kynsilakka (uusi), 24 dollaria

Shine Lipstick in Violet 100 (repromote), classic Cremam Lipstick in velvet 120 (repromote) and classic cream Lipstick in Cosmopolitan 237 (repromote), $32 each

Sileä silmän väri Quad Amore 145 (ProfoMote), 59 dollaria

Luminous Cheek Colour Blushes in Sole 15, Apricot 27 and Mocha 28 (all repromotes), $45 each


Etsi nämä kukat kukkivat Dolce & Gabbana laskurit heinäkuussa.

Tässä on nopea katsoa viisi uutta kynsilakka. Swatches paws tulevat pian.

Oleandro 98
Ibisco 112
Camelia 115
Bouganville 119
IRIS 169
Vasemmalta: Oleandro 98, Ibisco 112, Camila 115, Bouganville 119 ja Iris 169

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