“Let me take you down, ’cause I’m going to, apply Strawberry field forever.”



This, my friend, is what occurs when you grow up in a home (of discovered doctors) where both of your parents worshiped The Beatles. You hum that tune to yourself whenever you apply Butter London’s creamy new $20 Lippy tinted Balm in Strawberry field (and keep calling it “Strawberry fields Forever”) — a side impact of growing up on a consistent diet plan of music by John, Paul, George as well as Ringo.

The Lippy tinted Balms: new to the Butter London Line

The nail polish purveyors just recently branched out into other develops of makeup, releasing pieces for eyes, lips as well as cheeks. Strawberry field is one of six Lippy tinted Balms added to Butter London’s long-term line.

The pigment sucks you in, however the protection seals the deal…

Before I brought the bright red balm to my lips for the very first time, I believed it would be a chore to apply based on exactly how pigmented it looked in my preliminary swatches, however it’s just as simple to wear as a Burt’s Bee’s Lip Balm.


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When fall, which is still just a whisper on the wind, as well as the holidays roll around, red lips abound! — as well as there are lots of choices to select from, however Strawberry field doesn’t bring with it the high-maintenance drama that commonly accompanies full-coverage crimsons.

Being a balm, it’s sheerer than your typical lipstick as well as doesn’t flip out if I fudge my application a little… errors aren’t as simple to spot.

Heck, I can even apply it without a mirror as well as can avoid a lip liner as well as lip brush. Really, it’s one of the simplest reds I’ve ever worn.

Mo’ deets…

Does it odor or taste like strawberries? Nope, neither. as well as say thanks to goodness for that! nothing turns my tum a lot more than artificial strawberry. It’s a bit like Nilla Wafers, as well as it’s faint as well as fades after five minutes.

How’s the wetness content? Not as well shabby, tabby. They may not be as moisturizing as a Burt’s Bees Lip Balm (those make my lips go “AHHHHH!” whenever I wear them), however they’re still rather hydrating.

What’s the wear time like? One layer as well as I’m great to choose at least 3-4 hours, which is excellent for a lightweight, non-sticky balm.

Will I requirement several layers? Nah, just one, as well as get this — the formula’s smooooove as well as doesn’t clear up into lip lines.

Got full lips?

I can see this looking charming on millions of lips, however I bet it would look especially fabulous on somebody with full lips (ooh, like Scarlett Johansson!).

My good friend Jen has luscious, full lips, as well as she normally steers remove of intense reds, terrified that they’ll just be as well much. I believe Strawberry fields would absolutely work for her, since while red, it’s not overwhelmingly red, as well as the surface is a lot more of a mellow sheen than a mirror-like shine.

Packaging as well as design

The $20 cost identify seems a bit high based on the fundamental packaging (lightweight, flimsy plastic…kind of cheeseball), however the amount of pigment as well as wear time mainly comprise for it.

The last word…

All in all, I believe it’s a lovely, quick, easy, laid-back program to Red Lip Land. A great one to put on your radar for fall.

PRICE: $20
AVAILABILITY: offered now at Ulta stores as well as online
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