It’s a mystery… Or is it? maybe I’m using Chanel’s Mystere Les 4 Ombres Quadra Eye shadow ($59) from the Chanel autumn 2013 collection
Current mysteries plaguing my life…

Why does Tabs meow, desperately, for food when his food bowl is still halfway filled? I understand you’re always hungry, Tabs, however you can’t be THAT hungry. Is it out of worry/concern? You just don’t want to take any type of chances?

If Fifty shades of Grey were made into a movie, exactly how uncomfortable would it be to have to sit with it with my parents? (I’m guessing quite awkward.)

I want an app like Siri that I can tell all of my issues to, as well as it answers every one of them with a best solution…because my Magic 8 sphere just isn’t cutting it anymore.

Why is binging on television so satisfying? I’ve enjoyed half of the entire very first season of home of Cards on Netflix in two days as well as man! — it’s nearly as satisfying as eating an entire tub of Häagen-Dazs.

Is there, in fact, a secret behind the Chanel Mystere Les 4 Ombres Quadra Eye shadow quad? Did Karl have to, like, go incognito or something to find the trick ingredients? For some reason, I can see him working crazy wigs as well as disguises, a la Sydney Bristow in Alias.

And now, Chanel Mystere…


The Chanel Mystere Quad, $59
I used it when I checked out my in-laws in Redding last week, as well as I’ll state this ideal now: when I layer Mystere on top of my great ol’ NARS Pro-Prime, it’s the sh*t in terms of wear time, since Redding is hella hot, like 150 degrees in the shade, yo, like “Oh, mah gerd! I’m stuck in a microwave oven!”

And even though it felt like the warm was doing a number on my makeup, Mystere didn’t fade or crease from dawn till dusk.

Wear time? POMMI.


Kissat ja meikkipaita?

42 dollaria

Osta nyt

I such as this quad, particularly the method it looks on cool-toned gals who dig grays. On me, I believe it seems a bit uncomfortable by itself, as well as I have to utilize some techniques to make it work, like by starting with a yellowish base like MAC Ochre paint Pot as well as then mixing in a warm orangey brown like MAC Soft brown into my crease.

When I do both of those things, which I did in these pics, the warmer colors shift into the great grays as well as taupes, making them appear less extreme on my warm tan, however when I don’t, the gray/taupe undertones — of which there are plenty here, as even the light gold has a hint of gray in it — look chalky.

If you’re a guy/doll with a warmer skin tone, unless you’re ready to add in some additional colors, you may end up mostly utilizing Mystere as a liner.

That’s my preferred method to wear it, reality be told. The three darker colors (the satin grayish taupe, dark grayish khaki with golden shimmer, as well as the medium grayish khaki) are special “something-something” colors, excellent for times when you want to wear something dark, however not black, as well as want softly defined lash lines.

Actually, I enjoyed The Wolverine last weekend, as well as Viper, the primary poor gal/villainess, used this truly lovely eco-friendly feline eye that I believe the darkest shade in the Mystere quad might create.

NOTE TO SELF: If you ever ended up being a villainess — since let’s deal with it, the poor gals always get the most fascinating hair, makeup as well as shoes — don’t fail to remember to bring along Chanel Mystere if/when you have to travel to your trick underground lair.

Khaki Bronze Le volume de Chanel Mascara (far left), as well as the Mystere Quad colors (on the right)
With colors that most likely work finest on cooler skin tones, wear time that can’t be beat, shadows that blend like a dream as well as never look caked-on or heavy, as well as very little after effects (a little, however not sufficient to make it unbearable), Mystere, like a lot of Chanel quads, werks.

It is truly expensive, though, however it may be worth it if you like grays/taupes as well as Chanel.

PRICE: $59
AVAILABILITY: restricted edition, as well as offered now at Chanel counters as well as on the internet as part of the Chanel autumn 2013 Superstition collection
Makeup ja valitusblogi Arvosana: B +

Cuddlebug Tabby!

Tabs as a husky 1-year-old kitten…
Tabs has been uncharacteristically snuggly considering that I got back from Redding on Saturday, as well as it’s been glorious! He hasn’t been this wonderful to me in ages. He normally demands some lurvies very first thing in the morning, then when or twice with the day, as well as then ideal around 10:30 p.m. for dinner, however he’s been all about the K-Dawg 24/7.

He’s done things that he hasn’t considering that he was a kitten, like nap in my lap as well as sleep on top of my breast for 30 minutes at a time.

I’m telling myself not to get as well utilized to it…but I’m enjoying it wkun se kestää. MAINOS
Ovatko perheesi lemmikkejä ylimääräisiä pehmeitä jonkin aikaa, kun palaat taloa matkasta?
Ystävällinen yhteisön valituslääketieteesi,

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