Hemingway when said, “I believe I can fly. Uskon, että voin koskettaa taivasta…”

Wait, that was — my bad! Sorry, I was believing of somebody else.


Forget the quote, however the sentiment still stands when it pertains to applying false lashes. believe you can do it (“I can fly!”) as well as do it boldly, as well as with excellent verve.

Otherwise, you may photo yourself inadvertently gluing your eyes shut, as well as freak yourself out!

If you believe you may wear false lashes with your Halloween look as well as don’t have a great deal of method with fake fringe, try this bit technique on for size: method putting on your lashes without the glue first…


Kissat ja meikkipaita?


Osta nyt

I’m absolutely serious!

MAC 33 false Lashes, my preferred for natural-with-a-kick eye looks!
It’s a excellent method to method as well as develop up that muscle mass memory. just keep repeating the motion, over as well as over, up until you get a feel for exactly how to hold your hands as well as the tweezers, as well as where to location the lashes.

It may likewise assist to run with it a few times while sitting, as well as then while standing, since one method may be much easier for you than the other (I like to stand).

Okay, are you prepared for some practice?

Pick up your falsies (sans glue) with a pair of tweezers, look down into a mirror, as well as carefully location the false lashes directly on top of your genuine ones…

The ends of the false lashes may splay out here, as well as if they do, tuck the outer as well as inner corners into location with your tweezers…

Next, carefully pinch your genuine lashes into your false ones.

There! just a quick method run (repeat it as lots of times as you requirement to).

Once you feel prepared to “go live” with genuine glue, likewise understood as starting your journey to the center of the world of crazy-@ss false lashes (LOL!), snap a Q-tip in half, get hold of your lashes, tweezers as well as your lash glue, as well as ROAR AT THE top OF YOUR LUNGS!!!

Okay, that last bit was optional.

Apply a decrease or two of glue to the back of your hand, dip one of the damaged ends of the Q-tip (not the ideas with the cotton swab) into the glue, as well as utilize it to very carefully apply the glue along the lash strip.

NOTE: I believe it assists to already be holding the lashes with your tweezers at this point.

It takes about a minute for the glue to set/get sticky, so just chill out for a bit…


Now, do your thang!

When the glue turns clear, it must be dry.

Don’t concern if it doesn’t turn out excellent the very first time. After all, that’s what method is for.

Because those false lash strips are normally white, you’ll want to cover them up with something. After the glue dries, darken the strip by running a bit of liner or eyeshadow on top of it with your preferred eyeliner brush.

Wearing Revlon fantasy lengths Eyelashes in 91003 Flirty


Tada! often I likewise like to apply a coat of mascara at the end to blend my genuine lashes in with the false ones.

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