The new $20 Creme Colour Concentrates from Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics
G’morning, friend. I hope you had a nice night. things are just ok on my end…but I’m hangin’ in.

Yesterday Tabs let me bail early because I was bummed and little use to him in the afternoon, so I sat on the couch, cried, ate ice cream and watched chick flicks on TV — What to expect When You’re expecting (not great, but better than I expected) and playing for keeps (sooo unbearable that I couldn’t even finish it).


It was a very Liz Lemon-y afternoon. Muy therapeutic.

Despite his reputation as the Naomi Campbell of the plus-size kitty modeling world, Tabs can actually be pretty understanding sometimes. Your nephew took good care of his heartbroken human. He even slept next to me the entire night, which he never does.

Thanks again for the hugs yesterday. I really needed ’em.


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NIIN! Today is a new day, and if I suddenly burst into tears and go off on tangents in my posts, I apologize. I’ll do my best to stay positive and focus on happy thoughts, like all of the good memories I have of my pretty puppy girl, but no guarantees. I think that’s how these things work.

Now, makeup, because like good medicine, it usually helps me feel better.

I’ll be doing some traveling over the next few months, and these six new multipurpose creams from Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics couldn’t have come at a better time.

These new shades in OCC’s 100% vegan and cruelty-free Creme Colour Concentrate line, a collection of long-wearing, satiny creams for eyes, lips, cheeks and basically wherever you want long-lasting, intense color (I just put a little on my ankle for fun, woo-hoo!), have a thin, lightweight formula and a smooth texture that reminds me a lot of make up For Ever’s Aqua Creams.

OCC loaded them with moisturizing vitamin E, aloe leaf and cocoa extracts, something my dry lips enthusiastically support.

Choose from opalescent pink pleasure Model, pale peachy Newt, golden Icarius, silver Mercury, teal Beholder and dark greenish gray Dark Matter.

Newt, a pale peach
Mercury, a true silver
Pleasure Model, a pearlescent pink

Icarius, a true gold
Beholder, a teal
Dark Matter, a dark greenish gray
Creme Colour Concentrates clockwise from the green jar in the lower left: Beholder, Newt, Mercury, pleasure Model, Dark matter and Icarius

I’m flying down to San Diego for a couple days at the end of next week for a surf trip with Cindy, and I’m already grinding my teeth about having to pack. I mean, there’s NO way I’m going to be able to fit my wetsuit in with the rest of my girly crap in a TSA-approved carry-on bag unless I get serious about multitasking. hopefully these Creme Colour Concentrates help.

We’ll see… I’m not too sure about wearing Dark matter and Beholder on my lips or cheeks. Something tells me that would turn some heads at the beach, but I bet they’d be super amazing shadows, or as eye shadow bases, maybe for when we go out to dinner.


These are $20 each for a 0.08-ounce jar and available now at Sephora stores, and online here and here.

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