The new MAC Eye shadow X 9 in Red hot Times nine ($32, coming March 1st)
If the new MAC Red hot Eye shadow X 9 palette came with a bunch of hot candy, girl, those candies would be ALL YOU. Ugh! I can’t manage it (leftover trauma from my braces days!).

Anyway, I am NOT a fan of Red Hots, but I am a fan of this smokin’ hot ? paletti.


Sorry…you know me. I’m a frequent visitor to The Land of bad Puns.

Red hot Times nine is one of six new X 9 Eye shadow Palettes in the MAC Eyes on MAC collection pertaining to counters and web sites March 1st through April 13th.

Wearing Red hot Times nine on my lids and lower lash lines and MAC Teddy liner on my water lines
I checked the matte neutral Semi-Sweet palette yesterday, and oh, my goodness! — I can’t believe I’m saying this, because I didn’t used to be a fan of the 9s, but based on Semi sweet and Red Hot? OMG, SO GOOD. Something’s changed. Word on the street is that MAC reformulated the X9 eyeshadows, and ya know, I believe it. These are SO much softer, much easier to blend and a lot more fun to play with than the O.G. X9s were before.


Kissat ja meikkipaita?

42 dollaria

Osta nyt

Don’t be intimidated

You may be thinking, “I’m not a red/orange/pink eyeshadow person, Karen. I don’t go there.” depend on me, I get it. Brights are scary, especially reds, but I think you’ll love this palette. I do, and I wear A lot of neutrals and brown eyeshadow.

I did this look here generally to test, and I didn’t expect to like it enough to take pics. even though I could’ve blended it better, I still like how it came together. It’s vibrant, fun and still wearable.

The look isn’t too crazy, but it’s juuust crazy enough.

Logical transitions

What I love about this palette is how the pink, reddish pink, reddish orange and orange all share the same DNA. They transition beautifully into one another because they aren’t dramatically different.

Wearing MAC Gingerly on my cheeks
I think that things can go wrong often when you’re using bold eyeshadow palettes — and I’ve absolutely done this — that don’t have the needed “in-between” shades.

GIRL, I’ve done some horrible hot pink and purple eye looks where it just looks like BAM! — a whole mess of pink, and really nothing else around to ease the transitions. That’s what I was expecting from Red Hot, but surprise! It has the ideal “in-betweens,” so it’s easy to create gradients where each color flows into the next, and that’s the next-level sh*t that elevates this from a good palette to a great palette.

You’ll also appreciate the neutrals

There’s a taupe, beige and three plum shades, all of which are essential, because you’ll probably need to incorporate at least one or two of them into your looks; otherwise, you’ve just got hot pink or red floating all up in space on your face. You can use the taupe, beige and plums to define the boundaries of your eyes, anchor the bold colors, and make things look legit.


If you can manage any sort of eye look where you blend three or a lot more colors, I think you’ll love these smooth, easy-to-blend shadows. and did I mention that they don’t have a lot of fallout?

Girl, you can work Red Hot. It’s absolutely NOT scary, and it’s so, so fun!

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I like it a lot more than the brown Semi-Sweet Palette.

Bring on the reds and oranges! Tehdään tämä!

Let the record show…

…that Connor’s first word was “mama,” and her second word was “meow,” a word she learned from her older brother Tabs.


I took her for a walk today, and when we saw the two kitties who live down the street, she straight up started meowing! No, seriously, the kid says “meow!” like she’s a cat. She thinks she’s part cat!

Ystävällinen naapuruston valittaa Addict,


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