The MAC Nutcracker wonderful Lip Gloss Kits in Red, Pink and Nude
My mommy is no joke when it concerns saving money. She is hardcore. She would walk three blocks up a steep, virtually vertical hill to pick up a single penny, and mommy would completely give her stamp of approval to these MAC small Lip Gloss and Lipstick Kits.

There are six of them in the MAC Nutcracker wonderful holiday collection, each one with four products, and the kits are $35 each.


The products aren’t full size, though. They’re minis, but that’s amazing because, value-wise, the kits are a terrific deal.

M∙A∙C Nutcracker Sweet
Available on the internet October 20, 2016
Available in stores on October 27, 2016 with December 8, 2016

Each of the three small Lip Gloss Kits includes three Cremesheen Glasses and a Dazzleglass. Normally, a full-size Cremesheen Glass would cost you $21 and a Dazzleglass would cost you $20, so all four, if you purchased them together, would set you back $83, so $35 for four, even if they’re minis, is a quite good deal.

Plus, many of the glosses aren’t colors you see everyday. I mean, I’ve seen a few of them before. Like, I have vague recollections of loving Galaxy Rose, and I’ve absolutely used Phiff! in the past, but for the most part, you can’t just hop over to a MAC counter and get these. So that’s one amazing thing the Lip Gloss Kits have going for them.


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I also like the Cremesheen Glass formula. MAC has a bunch of different lipglosses, but the Cremesheens are a few of my favorites. They aren’t sticky like the Lipglasses, and they’re less pigmented overall, which implies they’re easy to apply without a mirror.

And I believe the Dazzleglasses look very amazing (SHINY! SPARKLY!), but, to be honest, they aren’t my favorite formula. They’re extremely sticky, and I believe they’re type of uncomfortable. I mean, I’ll wear them to a party but not around the house.

The MAC Nutcracker wonderful Lip Gloss Kits in Red, Pink and Nude

RED LIP GLOSS set ($35) — Galaxy increased Cremesheen, Gumdrop Cremesheen, Courting trendy Cremesheen, Phiff! Dazzleglass

NUDE LIP GLOSS set ($35) — fashion Whim Cremesheen, Nutty & Naughty Cremesheen, Pure pleasure Cremesheen, Prancin’ Dancin’ Dazzleglass

PINK LIP GLOSS set ($35, an on the internet exclusive) — fashion scoop Cremesheen, appeal Cremesheen, Twirling Cremesheen, Rags to Riches Dazzleglass

The Packaging for the three Lip Gloss Kits together with an iphone 6S plus and a full-size Cremesheen for scale
MAC Nutcracker wonderful nude Lip Gloss set swatches from the left: fashion Whim, Nutty & Naughty, Pure pleasure and Prancin’ Dancin’

MAC Nutcracker wonderful Red Lip Gloss set swatches from the left: Galaxy Rose, Gumdrop, Courting trendy and Phiff!
MAC Nutcracker wonderful Pink Lip Gloss set swatches from the left: fashion Scoop, Charm, Twirling and Rags to Riches
Fashion Whim, from the nude Lip Gloss Kit
Nutty & Naughty, from the nude Lip Gloss Kit
Pure Delight, from the nude Lip Gloss Kit
Prancin’ Dancin’, from the nude Lip Gloss Kit
Fashion Scoop, from the Pink Lip Gloss Kit
Charm, from the Pink Lip Gloss Kit
Twirling, from the Pink Lip Gloss Kit
Rags to Riches, from the Pink Lip Gloss Kit
Galaxy Rose, from the Red Lip Gloss Kit
Gumdrop, from the Red Lip Gloss Kit
Couring Chic, from the Red Lip Gloss Kit
Phiff, from the Red Lip Gloss Kit
The Lipstick Kits

The small Lipsticks from the Nude, Red and Pink Lipstick Kits
As for the Lipstick Kits, a lot more of the colors are O.G. MAC must-haves. If you’ve been using MAC for a long time, and possibilities are you have if you’re reading this blog, you know about lady Danger, you know about Impassioned, and you know girl about Town. Those are in these Lipstick Kits, and I believe that’s awesome. I wouldn’t complain whatsoever if somebody provided me the Red set and I opened it and saw that it had a bit lady Danger. I’d be all, “Look, it’s a small lady Danger!!! how adorable is that!?”

Obviously, if you have these colors already, you might not want to give one of these kits to yourself, but hey, if you did want to, I’d completely support that. and if you have a pal who likes MAC, like my pal Alis does, I know she likes lady Danger, so I believe she’d like the Red Kit.

NUDE LIPSTICK set ($35) — Whirl (Matte), Nouvelle vogue (Matte), Kinda attractive (Matte), Creme cup (Cremesheen)

RED LIPSTICK set ($35) — lady danger (Matte), Diva (Matte), Rebel (Satin), MAC Red (Satin)

PINK LIPSTICK KIT($35, an on the internet exclusive) — girl about town (Amplified), Heroine (Matte), (Amplified), Dangerously Red (Matte)

The three MAC Nutcracker wonderful Lipstick Sets
The MAC Nutcracker wonderful Lipstick Kits with a full-size MAC lipstick and an iphone 6S plus for scale
MAC Nutcracker wonderful Red Lipstick set swatCHES vasemmalta: Lady Vaara, Diva, Rebel ja Mac Red
Mac pähkinänsärkijä Ihana vaaleanpunainen huulipuna sarja vasemmalla: tyttö kaupungista, sankaritar, kiihkeä ja vaarallisesti punainen
Mac Pähkinänsärkijä Ihana nude huulipuna asettaa värit vasemmasta: Whirl, Nouvelle Vogue, Kina Houkutteleva ja Creme Cup
Impassinen, vaaleanpunaisesta huulipunasta
Vaarallisesti punainen, vaaleanpunainen huulipunapaketti
Heroine, vaaleanpunaisesta huulipunasta
Tyttö kaupungista, vaaleanpunaisesta huulipunasta
Creme Cup, Nude Lipstick Kit
Kinda Sexy, Nude Lipstick Kit
Nouvelle Vogue, Nude Lipstick Kit
Whirl, Nude Lipstick Kit
Mac Punainen, punaisesta huulipunasta
Mac-kapinallinen, punaisesta huulipunasta
Mac Diva, Red Lipstick Kit
Mac Lady Vaara, Red Lipstick Kit
On vaikea valita suosikkini huulipunan sarjoista, mutta haluaisin todennäköisesti valita vaaleanpunainen, koska se on kiihtynyt ja tyttö kaupungeista.

Olen myös todella kuten Nouvelle Vogue nude pakki. Se on viehättävä vaaleanpunainen koralli alaston. Olen käyttänyt sitä viime päivinä.


Ja kaikista näistä sarjoista, jos minun pitäisi valita vain yksi … valitsisin punaisen huulikiilen, koska värit kaikki näyttävät erilaisilta toisistaan ​​huulillani. Lisäksi uskon kiiltopakkaukset ovat hieman parempaa kauppaa.

Ystävällinen naapuruston valittaa Addict,


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