happy Monday!

Joten … Mikä on maanantai-kysely?

No, se ei ole juuri kysely. Se on enemmän jatkuvasti kehittyvästä (harvoin?), Hieman satunnainen luettelo kysymyksistä, jotka olen lukenut lukijoille joka maanantaia aamuna viimeisten 10 (!) Vuotta. (Se on kuin Kickstart aivosi.) Olen aina nauttinut lukemalla vastauksia kommenteissa, ja toivon, että nautit lukemastani.

1. have you ever been bitten by an animal?

If we’re including human beings, then yes, because my brother and I used to fight like cats and dogs when we were little, and there were several biting exchanges with really, really sharp teeth! Oh, and Tabs has recently taken to biting me, but they aren’t real bites. just gentle nips here and there.

I think it’s ’cause he’s older now and doesn’t have as much patience as he used to. I think of them as love ? bites.


2. On a scale of 1-10, with 10 being off-the-charts fabulous, what’s your skill with liquid liner?

If my trusty Tom Ford liquid liner or Clinique pretty easy Pen are in my paw, I give myself a solid 8; otherwise, it’s kind of questionable. A 5 or 5.5 at the most.

3. What’s your current no-makeup makeup routine?

VAI NIIN. TYTTÖ. My favorite makeup style at the moment! I fill in my brows with MAC Brow Sculpt Pencil in Spiked because I ran out of it in Brun, but also because I wanted to try something different…

Spiked is good for brunettes, but I still prefer Brun.


Kissat ja meikkipaita?

42 dollaria

Osta nyt

Anyway, then I apply a little MAC Matchmaster Concealer under my eyes if I’m looking really tired. If, on the other paw, I’m looking semi-rested, then I skip it.

Next, I curl my lashes, add a layer or two of COVERGIRL total Tease Mascara to my bottom and top lashes, some Pixi Gel blush on my cheeks and a lip tint or gloss.

I’ve been alternating between the Pixi duos with the lip tint and gloss, and a Cremesheen Glass from MAC called Cha-Cha-Cha from the Fruity Juicy collection.

4. What purse are you carrying at the moment?

It’s an old Michael Kors tote that my mom got me as a present years ago, and I love it! It’s dark brown, so it goes with everything, and it’s very lightweight.

I can fit all of my usual suspects in there, like my wallet, giant key ring, my phone, my makeup bag, snacks (protein bars, Annie’s Cheddar Bunnies), water bottle… It’s also roomy enough to fit baby girl’s things, which I usually keep in a Ziploc gallon bag. One diaper, travel packs of diaper wipes and wet Ones Wipes, a travel diaper changing blanket, an emergency toy (usually a tiny plastic Elmo) and an extra binky. #momlife

5. A color you wear well?

I like the way I look in coral, and I also seem to do well in bright yellows and pale mints…but I haven’t been wearing any of those shades lately. Lately, I’ve been wearing lots of neutrals — white, black, gray.

Note to self: wear more color!

6. Can you recommend a good book to take to the beach or pool?

I read big little Lies a couple months ago, and I couldn’t put it down! It’s well-written and perfect for the beach because it’s suspenseful, but it isn’t too mentally demanding.

Se on niin hyvä.

Have a marvelous Monday

Every morning when Connor wakes up — and I mostly do this as a reminder to myself — I say, “It’s morning times! We have a new day before us, and it’s filled with so many possibilities. We’re going to fall every once in a while, be when we do, we’re going to pick ourselves up and keep trying.”


Have a great one, sweet friend. We have a new day before us, and it’s filled with so many possibilities.

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