using the new Bobbi brown Smokey Eye Mascara
15 things I discovered today about Bobbi Brown’s Smokey Eye Mascara as well as life in general

Today is a new day.

The world is not falling apart. It only felt like that for a bit while.

It assists to set a timer when you write. ten minutes is a great starting point. more than that, as well as you’re apt to spew a great deal of crazy talk.

When it comes to busting with writer’s block, don’t believe as well much. prevent the desire to self-edit. just dictate the words as you hear them in your head.

It assists to checked out about writer’s block when you have it (go figure).

A bit light reading…

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Overcoming Writer’s Block

The constant noise of building in my community (it seems like all of my neighbors are doing work on their houses right now) is surely contributing to my agitation.

It almost always assists to make lists.

Playlists are likewise quite cool.

It likewise assists to straighten your hair (seriously), as well as flat irons are great.

Also, random thoughts like, I question if I would ever date a guy who utilized a flat iron (I’m guessing most likely not).

I question if I would ever date a guy who routinely borrowed my mascara. Hmm… Perhaps.

I’ve been using this new Bobbi brown mascara for about a week.

It’s (Bobbi’s Smokey Eye Mascara) truly dark, like jet black (the pigment contains kohl), as well as I like exactly how it makes my lashes look long as well as stretched out, however if you utilize a lash curler to curl your lashes beforehand, the formula will straighten them out. Nopeasti. In less than 10 minutes.
Plain ol’ lashes
Two coats of Bobbi brown Smokey Eye Mascara
It likewise doesn’t flake, smudge or clump, which is cool.

Bobbi’s website states the formula will provide you remarkable lashes, as well as I assumption if you haven’t reached drag-queen-in-training condition yet like I have (girl, you understand it’s true!), it’s quite dramatic.

I like the length, however I discover myself wanting more of whatever else. more volume, much better curl hold as well as more badabing-badabang.

All told, yeah, I believe it’s a’ight.

PRICE: $28
AVAILABILITY: offered now at Bobbi brown counters as well as likewise online
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Even with writer’s block, it’s important to keep in mind that things might be worse. I might be covering town council meetings or high institution bowling tournaments, where I would most likely not be able to utilize phrases like “bling-tastic” as well as “drag-queen-in-training” as often.

It always assists to hear somebody say, “Everything is going to be alright.”

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