Where my brows at?!
“Se on monimutkaista.”

My connection with my brows. Se on monimutkaista. I’ve been growing them out of what seems like millennia (but has only been about a year).


They’re just so damned moody! Moody bit brows.

Weeks will pass without so much as a peep out of them — no remarkable diva outbursts whatsoever. I’ll go about my days filling them in with eyeshadow or a brow pencil as well as be performed in the blink of a fuzzy caterpillar’s eye.

Siihen asti kun…


Kissat ja meikkipaita?

42 dollaria

Osta nyt

They turn against me as well as ended up being completely uncooperative.

It’s weird…and it typically occurs overnight, like the roots all had a satisfying while I slept as well as voted to revolt.

All of a sudden, they all have their own bit concepts as well as decline to lay down correctly, as well as I begin feeling like I have to utilize much more product than typical to get them to behave. Consequently, I end up inadvertently crossing that unnoticeable line that separates strong brows from Groucho Marx.

Sanoinhan. Monimutkainen.

Seriously, though, if your brows consistently behave, cherish it. Olet onnekas.

Mine have been going with one of their spells… The outer tail areas (the sides better to my ears) have been especially ill-tempered lately, as well as I just haven’t been able to get them to look as crisp or defined as I like with my typical slate of products, so I’ve been brainstorming possible solutions.

And I believe I discovered one…

MAC Brun Eye shadow (left) as well as Dipdown Fluidline (right)
Instead of filling out each entire brow with a single product, I’ve been utilizing a combination of two — a powder eyeshadow as well as a matte gel liner.

First, I fill in the inside half of both brows with a dark brown eyeshadow (usually MAC Brun) utilizing an angled brush.

Applying MAC Brun to the inner part of my brows with an angled brush
Then, I rapidly clean my angled clean by wiping it across a paper towel, as well as utilize it to fill in the outer half with a matte gel liner. I’ve been utilizing MAC Fluidline in Dipdown for this, a dark brown with a flat matte finish.

Filling the outer tail with MAC Dipdown Fluidline
Lopputulos? brows that begin softly defined better to my nose however get progressively darker as well as crisper as well as much more defined as they relocation out toward my ears. Natural, yet bold, as well as not Groucho Marx, LOL!

Naturally strong brows, yo!

If you don’t occur to have a gel liner on hand, any type of type of long-wearing cream or gel brow filler ought to work fine. Alternately, you might replace the eyeshadow in this equation for a brow pencil, if that’s much more your style.

Try it sometime! even if you don’t experience Broadway-caliber brow drama (lucky!), it may be fun to modification up your brow routine.

That moment when you have central heating as well as hot water again…

OH, marvelous YES!

No much more washing zombie apocalypse-style, WOO-HOO! Yes, my gas line is operational again, as well as I will certainly not miss freezing my butt off tomorrow morning.

I have to say, though, that living without hot running water as well as central heating has provided me a new appreciation for both of those things, in addition to an appreciation for flannel sheets.


My mom-in-law provided us of some Martha Stewart Flannel Sheets for Christmas, as well as they’ve been fantastic this past week. They’re very soft, warm and, wouldn’t ya understand it? — on sale now at macys.com, if you’re interested.

Your (finally warm again) friendly community charm addict,


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