glitter lover says what? That’s urban Decay’s Baked and urban Cowboy glitter heavy metal glitter Eyeliners ($18 each) along my upper and lower lash lines
Happy, delighted Friday, my friend.

Right before I opened my eyes this morning, when I was still lying in bed, the mental fog started to clear, and I smiled.


On perjantai! We made it through another week.

Sorry about not being around much the past couple of days. this week kind of kicked my butt. nothing huge, but it seemed like every day one new, unexpected thing came up to throw me off my regular routine.

I’m a creature of habit, and often all it takes is one extra hour I have to spend on something I didn’t plan for, and I’m a mess after that. It’s hard to get back on track.


Kissat ja meikkipaita?

42 dollaria

Osta nyt

Vai niin! remember the Bobbi brown Master class I pointed out a couple weeks back? It was yesterday in SF, and I went. I’m putting together a post with the ideas I picked up, but it’s not quite ready yet. For now, though, here’s a sneaky peaky…

Observe my terrified expression, haha! I was asked to be the class model, and it was…an experience. really fun, but I completely underestimated how hard it would be to NOT make any funny faces for two hours.

In other news, urban Decay’s 24/7 heavy metal glitter Liners in Baked and urban Cowboy.

That’s Baked on the ideal and urban Cowboy on the left
You might be thinking, “Um…but I thought the only people who could get away with glitter were gymnasts and figure skaters? and I’m neither.”

Wait now! tule takaisin tänne. Don’t run away just yet. in contrast to popular belief, gymnasts, figure skaters and Honey Boo Boo are not the only people who can pull off glitter. We can do it, too, and with urban Decay’s gold and bronze glitter liners, we can look sassy and age-appropriate.

Baked (left) and urban Cowboy (right)
These long-lasting, clear liquid liners are filled with flecks of glitter so small that a Smurf could wear ’em.

What I’ll normally make with these is draw a thin line along my upper or lower lash lines with the skinny brush (although for these pics, I’ve lined both my upper and lowers for emphasis), curl my lashes, and then coat them with mascara.

When I look in the mirror, it’s hard to even discern this glitter from a lot more than a few feet away. All I see is a pair of bright, sparkling eyes!

The thin brush draws perfectly exact lines

It’s a fun, wearable effect — one that I think nearly any individual can wear. I can see any of the gals in my family pulling it off, from my glam granny to my mommy to my 18-year-old cousin. Either of these liners, or even a mix of both.

Urban Decay also sells these liners in flashier colors like magenta, teal and green, and while I also like those, there’s something special about this bronze and gold. With them, you get the bling without the extra bang from the colors. I think being neutral makes them much easier to wear in a broader variety of situations.

Urban Decay’s Baked and urban Cowboy glitter heavy metal glitter Eyeliners
As you can probably imagine, they aren’t complicated or hard to apply. If I’ve got a party or a special event, maybe one where I plan to dress up, I’ll rim my water lines with black liner, apply a pair of false lashes, run a thin line of either Baked or urban Cowboy along my lower lash lines, and slick my lips with something bright, like a hot pink lipstick.

It’s a simple, quick way to make a big impact.

If you like the idea, and I hope you do, both Baked and urban Cowboy are available now at urban Decay counters and online.


Your friendly neighborhood appeal addict,



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