since I’m curious…
Center part or side part, as well as do you ever switch sides?

I’ve always had a natural side part above my right eye (so the left side of the screen in pics). That’s where my hair parts naturally when it gets its way.


But then there was that six-month period in 2004 — the dreaded wrong part Incident, when my part went the opposite method (above my left eye), as well as I hated every minute of it.

It occurred someday since the gal who utilized to cut my hair was just totally inspected out. It was her last day before a long vacation to Thailand, as well as I assumption she truly wasn’t paying attention, or was in a rush to get out the door.

She had been cutting my hair for about a year, so I presumed I was in great hands.


Kissat ja meikkipaita?

42 dollaria

Osta nyt

I started reading a magazine in the chair, as well as when I looked up, my hair was parted the wrong method as well as chopped past the point of no return.

At very first I thought, “OK…change is good. I can roll with this, as well as I can’t truly do anything about it now.”

That faux calm lasted about half a day…

For strange, cruel reasons, my layers wouldn’t sit properly, as well as the waves insisted on going every which way. Whenever I looked in the mirror, I felt like I was staring at a stranger.

You wouldn’t believe that something as minor as a part might make such a difference, however I swear, it totally does!

Entä sinä? Which method do you usually part your hair?

Ystävällinen yhteisön kauneudenhaku,


P.S. great morning as well as welcome to le hump!

Today is a extremely interesting day.

Why’s that, you ask? Well, the contractors state that I’m supposed to have gas once again by this afternoon, yay!

Wait — that came out wrong.

Anywho, woo-hoo! believe you me, I will be celebrating by taking a shower tonight. Counting the hours, minutes as well as seconds up until I can shave the pelt of fur on my shins, LOL!


P.P.S. speaking of warmer days, last night I completed a book I believe you may like. It’s called A Hundred Summers, by Beatriz Williams.

I started reading it last weekend as well as might not put it down. It’s like a cross between a secret as well as a romance. A myst-romance, or romance-ery.


“Memorial Day, 1938: new York socialite Lily Dane has just returned with her household to the idyllic oceanfront neighborhood of Seaview, Rhode Island, expecting one more placid summertime season among the familiar traditions as well as friendships that sustained her after heartbreak.

“That is, up until Greenwalds choose to take up home in Seaview.

“Nick as well as Budgie Greenwald are an unwelcome specter from Lily’s past: her former finest good friend as well as her former fiancé, now just recently married—an event that set off a wildfire of gossip among the elite of Seaview, who have summered together for generations. Budgie’s arrival to bring back her family’s old home puts her when more in the center of the community’s social scene, as well as she insinuates herself back into Lily’s friendship with an overpowering skill for seduction…and an alluring acquaintance from their college days, Yankees pitcher Graham Pendleton. however the ties that bind Lily to Nick are as well strong as well as intricate to ignore, as well as the two are drawn back into long-buried dreams, in spite of their uneasy tricks as well as many emotional obligations.

“Under the scorching summertime sun, the unforeseen reality of Budgie as well as Nick’s marriage bubbles to the surface, as well as as a cataclysmic hurricane barrels unseen up the Atlantic as well as into new England, Lily as well as Nick must face an emotional cyclone of their own, which will modification their worlds forever.”

I was sucked in from the start, totally immersed in a world of like triangles, household secrets, good friends as well as frenemies. The story, on a reverse scale of 1-10, with 10 being lifetime movie-caliber predictable, I provide it a two…which in this situation is good! great deals of twists as well as turns as well as unforgettable characters. extremely recommended!

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